Solutions for COVID-19



Currency notes being one of the  overused everyday things in our economy, might act as a source of transmission of the virus in the prevailing situation.
C-Cube is a potential product that provides efficacious sanitation to the paper currency in swift manner.
In a nutshell, it is a need in places wherever there is bulk quantity of currency notes transfer.

EUC-OT (Everyday Utilities Cleaner - Ozone Technology)


During this pandemic, a need for essentials poses a threat for the virus to intrude inside your home.

EUC-OT sanitizes the deliverables using ozone technology, which has been a medical grade disinfectant for the COVID virus.

It can be installed at either supermarket checkout points or the entry points of a housing complex in order to sanitize the packaged or delivered food before it enters your home.

Arm-held Sanitizer


While outside, we often come across situations where we feel we have touched a high risk surface but don't see a sanitizer nearby, or maybe we left it in the car. The Arm-held Sanitizer is a very simple but effective snap fit solution to not only keep a sanitizer nearby at times, but also to psychologically encourage the person wearing it to disinfect their hands regularly.

ATM Cleaner


Public ATMs are subject to frequent use by many different users and can potentially be hotspots for surface transmission of viruses.
The ATM Cleaner is an automated device that can be installed on ATMs.
After every use of the ATM, the device, which allows contact with keypad only via a sheet in between, sprays disinfectant and circulates the sheet to a clean area for the next user.

Any interested individual/organisation/institution/company that is interested in applying these designs is welcome to  approach us for more details/reports/manuals about these designs via the contact numbers mentioned below.