end effector.JPG
End-Effective Gripper

What it does?

The end effector is a gripping arm that can be used in a Mars Rover to collect samples from within the soil. The gripper drill collects samples. The drilling mechanism uses a cone-shaped drill bit which has helical threads along the surface. Thus, when the 2 halves are aligned together it will lead to the formation of a single helical thread which can be used as a drill bit. In order to collect the samples, we have to drill deeper than the height of the cone such that the dirt brought up due as a result of drilling will fall into the cavity of the drill bit, which could then be collected. And for the drilling motion, the end effector is made to spin about an axis. For the actuation of knobs and switches, the conical drill bit is separated into two halves, thus acting as 2 fingers of a gripper. The basic mechanism used is a 4-bar mechanism with one 4 bar mechanism for each half of the cone. For symmetrical actuation of the fingers, the mechanisms are synced together using gears. To manipulate their position, 3 pivot joints are used.

Who worked for it?