biotoilet 1.PNG
Bio Digester Chamber

What it does?

The Bio Toilet is an innovative design that comprises of a zeroth chamber (cubical box setup) added to the present biodigester design by replacing the ball valve and the p-trap. It consists of a cylindrical valve along one of the base edges that is actuated through CDTS. There is also a plate inclined to one of the walls of the chamber. The upper half of the plate is grilled with square holes of side 1 cm and the lower half of the plate covered with poly-grass mat along with the holes. This box is connected through a pipe-like arrangement to the first chamber of the biodigester. There is an inlet pipe arrangement to add inoculum periodically. The box also consists of a mechanical pusher above the plate to push the non faecal material outside. In order to make the toilet child-friendly, a tubular frame is fixed around it with which a flapper is attached for support. Also, a smaller lid is attached to ensure that children do not fall into the commode.

Who worked for it?