What it does?

Orion is an innovative design for an onion transplanter. The saplings are loaded onto the tray whose inclination ensures that the saplings roll down the tray. The transplanting action is achieved by a series of flaps designed to engage the saplings and drop them through the chute present in the front of the tray, dropping the sapling into the furrow created by the furrow openers. The flaps and a six-speed gear are attached to the same shaft which is powered by the rear wheel axle as the device is pulled. The six-speed gear enables the user to change the inter-sapling distance as and when needed. Once the saplings are planted in the ground, they need to be firmly placed. This is achieved by three of press wheels forming a double ‘V’ in order to press the loose soil around the furrow, firm and tight ensuring proper placement of the saplings.

Who worked for it?