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Support System for Plantain

What it does?

An innovation of striking simplicity but immense effectiveness, the network of Pegs prevents plantains to which it is connected from being uprooted and damaged from the forces of nature. Each peg is a hollow metal pipe attached with a couple of metal discs that are welded parallel to each other while their planes remain perpendicular to the axis of the pipe. The peg is buried to a depth of 30 to 40 cm at the center of the square formed with four plants as its vertices. With one end attached to holes at the top of the peg,  the primary ropes are connected to the middle portion of the stem, and the secondary to the relatively weaker top portion of the tree. Thus, each tree is protected against wind blowing in any direction while effectively needing only one peg for its support. Moreover, ropes are tied around the shoot of the plant with a layer of cloth to not damage the stem which may be edible as found in some varieties.

Who worked for it?