What it does?

Re-Volt is a new generator design that achieves high efficiency through the elimination of coupling between alternator and generator. The setup of the design consists of an inner piston arrangement and a concentric outer piston arrangement. Each arrangement consists of two pistons rigidly connected by connecting rods. The pistons are powered by 8 thermodynamic systems, each on either side of each piston between the piston and its enclosure. The frequency of the inner and outer pistons is equal and they oscillate with a phase difference of 180 degrees. The coil moves with the outer pistons and the magnetic setup with the inner pistons. This setup allows high voltage to be generated with minimal frictional loss as the total frictional loss is shared by eight thermodynamic systems instead of each having its own. As a result, a mechanical efficiency of around over 95% can be achieved.

Who worked for it?

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