What it does?

ShredX is a low cost, manual device that is used to dehull the grains using shearing discs. After being sheared using the discs, the grains are then moved to the sieve where the husk is dislodged using very frequent impacts. The processed grains are further transported off the rotating sieve to the final part where the residual husk is blown off the mixture by air emerging from the blower. Since grains are heavier and not easily blown away, they’re collected in the basin. The blower and the shaft housing the components are powered manually using a foot-rocker mechanism that resembles a sewing machine. The foot-rocker is connected to a large flywheel and a smaller freewheel to step up the rotation. While the freewheel directly powers the shaft using a bevel gear, the blower is in turn powered by further stepping it up, in order to provide it with the required rpm to blow off the husk.

Who worked for it?

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